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The Brain Injury Association of Florida’s (BIAF) statewide Camp TBi was anticipated and requested year after year by survivors and caregivers alike. Once a year, our statewide Camp TBi drew participants, facilitators, and specialists from all over Florida. Unfortunately, after camp ended . . . everyone returned to their area of the state. The distance not only effectively disengaged many great relationships, it also interrupted the potential long-term value and benefits of camp. Therefore, that which was Camp TBi’s greatest hallmark became one of its greatest challenges.

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After much review and analysis, the executive team at the BIAF re-imagined a way to provide Camp TBi to its faithful and fearless community as the impactful, rejuvenating, respite and recharge it was intended to be! The three-day, statewide Camp TBi has been re-vamped into a series of one-day, regional camps. Camp is STILL dedicated to providing “an experience like no other” by connecting the TBI family to a lifetime of hope and opportunity. The great difference is that, as a regional event, we are able to hold camp several times a year and throughout different regions in the state! Now, the valuable friendships that are established and unique connections that are made can be nurtured and not hindered by distance. Camp TBi can now impact the lives of the TBI community as it was intended…not just for a weekend - but for a lifetime!

The activities, workshops and facilitators at Camp TBi are unparalleled! Camp TBi’s line-up of events is expressly designed to improve the quality of life for those impacted by traumatic brain injury – survivors, their caregivers and family members. Our TBI experts and specialists make every effort to provide customized methods of helping every level of survivor achieve their highest level of recovery, and every level of caregiver recharge and stay motivated to provide the best care for their loved one.

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